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How does Smartbaby Decor work?

Smartbaby Decor features collections of common nursery products, such as wall art, burp cloths, throw pillow covers, muslin blankets and crib sheets all made of the safest and highest quality materials. But there's a twist! Every piece has a design 100% centered around a baby's ability to see it. Infants see poorly when they are born and most nursery products overlook this. At Smartbaby Decor, we take the concepts used during infant eye exams and apply it to the design of all our pieces. That's how we put the smart in Smartbaby!

Our products are divided into three collections based on the ages they are optimized for. Our Welcome Home collection is perfect for brand new baby eyes. Ready for Color is best for babies four months of age and older, and See Play Learn is for babies eight months and older. While the designs are optimized for vision at each of these stages, children of any age can enjoy our products.

Check out our subscription service to receive a new collection of items timed perfectly with your baby's next visual milestone. It's the easiest way to keep their environment new and exciting, plus, it comes with special savings! You can also buy collections on your own schedule or purchase individual products to add to your own nursery design.

Take a look around! We're sure something will catch your baby's eye.