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The Safest Wall Art

In addition to following the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) guidelines for all our products, we are also proud to produce one of the safest wall art decals on the planet! Most wall decals are made of plastic (usually polyvinylchloride or PVC) which can contain phthalates and other harmful chemicals. Not only do these chemicals pollute the environment during the production process, but the end product (meaning the wall decal itself) can actually emit volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) into the air for weeks or months. Definitely not what you want next to your sleeping baby! Check out our blog post here to learn more about the effects of vinyl and VOCs in your home.

At Smartbaby Decor, we did extensive research when selecting the material we use for our wall art. It is an adhesive fabric with no vinyl components. And when we say it is non-toxic, we mean the material, the adhesives and the inks. How do we know? We send our wall art to be tested by a certified independent third party lab, which includes testing of the adhesives, packaging and every color of ink we use. Most wall decals can bypass the CPSIA guidelines mentioned above since they can be categorized as home decor, and not a children’s product. We choose to categorize our wall art as children’s products and test them against the highest standards.

We are so proud of the rigorous testing our wall art goes through and hope you (and your baby) can breathe easy knowing their space is as safe as it is cute.