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Matches Visual Growth

Smartbaby products allow you to easily update your baby’s space as their vision improves, it's one of our most unique features! Just like with books and toys, any parent knows things get old fast. Smartbaby makes it easy to transition their room from newborn to infant, to toddler.

Our three collections are:

  1. Welcome Home (0+ months): Items that match newborn vision and give them a chance to practice seeing more clearly at different distances.
  2. Ready for Color (4+ months): Introduces bright hues right when they start to develop the ability to appreciate colors.
  3. See Play Learn (8+ months): Incorporates tons of color, intricate details, patterns and complex visual skills (like directions, similarities and differences and size variations). This collection includes activities you can do with your child well into their toddler years!

Check out our subscription service to get each collection automatically sent to you at the perfect time, or decorate their room on your own schedule. Either way, its never been easier to support your baby's visual growth!