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The Science of Smartbaby

Smartbaby designs are backed by the science of how babies see.

What does that mean?

Scientists are constantly researching infant vision and our understanding of what babies see has drastically improved over the last few decades. Using this knowledge, eye doctors are able to perform accurate eye exams on the littlest babies and detect major issues with vision and eye health. Pretty amazing, right?

The founder and designer of all Smartbaby products is a pediatric optometrist with over a decade experience conducting this research, teaching and helping thousands of children see their best. With thousands of children come thousands of parents wanting to know how they can support their child's vision at home.

The design of each Smartbaby product is based on all of this. The art featured on every item incorporates the research and knowledge of what infants see with the techniques used during actual eye exams. Not your average nursery decor! By placing these designs onto everyday nursery products, we make it easy to support your baby's vision at home. Just use our items as you normally would – a blanket for some snuggles or wall art for a cute nursery scene. Before you know it, you’ve created a visually enriching environment your baby is sure to notice.

An important aspect of infant vision is also how much it changes. Our products are sorted into collections that match a growing infant’s developing vision. As their visual skills advance, so do our designs. Each collection evolves to support your baby as their visual abilities mature, ultimately nurturing their higher level visual processing skills critical for learning.

We are excited to give everyone a way to bring a little piece of an eye exam home - just the fun parts, no eye drops, and definitely no puff of air, we promise!