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Made to be Seen

If you’ve been perusing websites or social media for the perfect nursery decor, you may notice most products and styles consist of muted, pastel, or neutral colors. Unfortunately many parents don’t know their babies don’t see very well when they are born. It actually takes infants years to develop adult levels of vision, which means all these trendy, neutral styles are lost on your newest arrival. 

Nowadays, products and toys are incorporating black and white patterns because of the growing knowledge that babies “like” looking at black and white. While we’re happy to see there is a movement towards parents understanding infant vision better, these black and white patterns actually become too easy for your little one rather quickly. Plus the reality is infant vision isn’t so “black and white”.

Each of our designs are based on the many aspects of how infant eyes and brains function, not just whether they can see color or not. You’ll see some black and white in our newborn collection, but with intentionally selected patterns and shapes, line thicknesses, and sizes to meet your child where their vision is. The collections evolve to include more complex designs, giving your baby lots to practice on as their eyes develop.  

If you want a nursery your baby can see, you’ve come to the right place! Every single item is made to be seen by your child, and of course, made to be loved by you both.