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All Grown Up 3D Expansion Pack

Sale price$60

Ready for some off-the-wall fun?! It only takes a few seconds to add a true 3D effect to your child's room or play area with this one-of-a-kind wall art set. Watch your little one be amazed at the characters floating away from the wall as you both look super cute wearing the included matching adult and child sized 3D glasses.

Based on the exact principles of 3D vision used in eye exam testing and vision research, this art is designed to require both eyes to work together and comes with a parent education guide to explain what it may mean if your child has difficulty seeing the effect. Just another way this set is as smart as it is fun.

Kids Development

Supports visual development

Safety testing thicker

Safety tested for peace of mind

Clear air thick

VOC-free for clean air

All Grown Up 3D Expansion Pack
All Grown Up 3D Expansion Pack Sale price$60